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R Smyth
Journal Issue: 
Volume 39: Issue 4: 2009




Depressive  illnesses  are  common  in  the  general  population  and  are significantly  more  common  in  those  with  physical  illnesses.  The  symptoms  of depression  may  go  unrecognised  in  medical  patients,  with  consequent  under-diagnosis and under-treatment. Co-morbid depression is associated with increased morbidity,  poorer  function,  increased  healthcare  costs  and  increased  mortality. Depressive  illnesses  are  amenable  to  treatment  by  both  pharmacological  and psychological means. Successful treatment can result in improved quality of life as well as improved function, mortality and overall outcome in the physical disorder. It  is  therefore  important  that  medical  doctors  are  aware  of  the  symptoms, diagnosis and management of depressive illness.