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S Ross, JS McLay
Journal Issue: 
Volume 37: Issue 3: 2007




Homoeopathy  is  a  popular  form  of  complementary  medicine  which  is prescribed by 60% of Scottish GPs on the NHS. The aims of this study were, using the  PRISMS  database, to  determine  the  number  of  homoeopathic  prescriptions issued by Scottish community pharmacies on an NHS prescription, and the associated net  ingredient  costs  over  the  last  five  years.    In  2005,  48,778  homoeopathic prescriptions were dispensed in Scotland at an ingredient cost of £254,704 (excluding consultation and dispensing fees).  During the study period the number of dispensed homoeopathic prescriptions fell by 9%, however the total ingredient costs increased by  28%.  Although  the  amounts  spent  by  the  Scottish  NHS  on  homoeopathy  are relatively small, with the ever-increasing financial constraints, and demands for the use of  cost-effective  therapies  with  proven  efficacy,  it  would  seem  appropriate  to reconsider the position of homoeopathy in the Scottish health service.