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M Dahele, S Senan
Journal Issue: 
Volume 40: Issue 2: 2010




Most patients with cancer will be looked after by a diverse team made up of members from community- and hospital-based services. This team will include radiation  oncologists.  Radiotherapy  is  an  important  part  of  radical  or  palliative management in about 50% of patients with cancer. In recent years the specialty of radiation  oncology  has  seen  rapid  advances  in  physics  and  technology,  several  of which  are  now  having  an  impact  in  the  clinic  where  they  are  helping  to  realise newer  and  more  effective  treatment  options. The  purpose  of  this  article  is  to highlight these advances for non-radiation oncologists, with examples of where and how  they  are  changing  treatment  for  patients.  The  necessity  to  evaluate  and implement high-technology radiotherapy in a cost-efficient manner is discussed.