In order for us to remain at the forefront of health education, we have developed plans to transform access to our buildings, improving the experience for visitors to the College and creating a new public exhibition space to showcase our collections.

Our  buildings feature a stunning Great Hall used for meetings and social events for the College and external clients.

In 1986, we opened the Queen Mother Conference Centre, one of the largest purpose-built lecture theatres in Edinburgh, with tiered seating for 300 delegates. The Conference Centre has enabled us to provide physicians with an extensive educational programme and offers a complete hub for conferences and events.

Our new plans will improve the accessibility of our buildings and provide a fresh, modern welcome to all our visitors.

Our plans

View our plans to transform access to our buildings and improve our conference centre.

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If you would like to contribute to our appeal or simply find out more about our plans, please use the link below or get in touch with us directly.

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Get involved

We are continuing to fundraise to meet our ambitions for the Conference Centre.

Having already gained the financial support of Edinburgh-based organisations, we are seeking support from businesses and agencies across the UK with an interest in education and heritage, as well as from other societies around the World.

To achieve the funding target needed to deliver our longer-term plans we are continuing to seek a combination of grants, corporate and charitable donations, with a particularly focus on working with those in the fields of culture, medicine and heritage.

If you know of any individuals or organisations who may wish to support the ongoing development of our buildings and facilities, please contact Elaine Tait at (link sends e-mail)