Speaker: James Ogilvie, Mountaineer and Chartered Forester

In this event you'll get the chance to hear charity climber and explorer James Ogilvie discussing his 20 year quest to climb the seven highest mountains on the seven continents, the subject of his recent book, 'Getting High: A World at My Feet'.

"As I stepped up to the top of Antarctica, the true scale, majesty and magnificence of the white continent were overwhelming. On one side the curvature of the earth could be discerned along the distant horizon. On the other side, remote peaks - most never touched by human boots stretched out below me. I was in heaven - or attest as near to heaven on earth as I was likely to get. It was finally the end of an era, the end of an Antarctic Adventure and the end of my Seven Summits odyssey".

This talk is organised by the Senior Fellows Club of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.