James Johnstone

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Portrait of: James Johnstone
By: J. Ross
After: J. Russell and T. Burney
Style: Stipple engraving
Dimensions: 21. 4 x 29. 4 cm

James Johnstone Junior (1753-1783) was a physician born in Worcestershire. He attended the University of Edinburgh in 1770 to study medicine where he was taught by two eminent medical professionals John Gregory and William Cullen. He also became a member of the Medical Society. In 1774 he moved back to Worchester and obtained the position of physician at the Worchester Infirmary. Johnstone began to tackle typhus treatingthe prisoners in Worchester Castle.

Stipple engraving is a method of rendering tones with dots and shortflicks. It involved a mixture of etching and engraving. It was notused widely until the middle of the eighteenth century. In comparison to mezzotint it can produce a relatively high yield of prints with little deterioration in quality.

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