Robert Conny

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Portrait of: Robert Conny
By: John Faber
After: Alex Vanderhagen
Style: Mezzotint
Date: 1722
Dimensions: 25. 7 x 35. 7 cm

Robert Conny (c. 1645-1713) was the son of John Conny, a surgeon and mayorof Rochester. Robert Conny was a physician educated at Magdalene College, Oxford. In 1693 he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. He is said tohave been a successful physician and on his death in 1713 a monument was erectedin Rochester Cathedral in his memory.

This print made in 1722 is an illustrative example of the trend to portraymedical practitioners in a scholarly way. He is seated in an armchair in frontof a full and well-used bookshelf. Behind him to his right is an open bookwith both text and a scientific diagram of a skeleton implying he is part waythrough his study.

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