Displaying recently published books Annual Guest Lunch Exhibition, 2015
Displaying recently published books
Annual Guest Lunch Exhibition, 2015 

Our annual programme from October to May, accessed below, concentrates on non-medical topics, there being a life beyond medicine which many of us had little time to pursue when in full harness. But medicine is not excluded. All talks are very sociably preceded by a lunch at 12.30.

Each year we hold a joint meeting with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s Senior Fellows Club.

Our talks are AV-recorded, given the permission of the speaker, so that members can catch up with missed talks or re-watch one at any time. They are also available, College password-protected, to all retired Fellows and Collegiate Members, worldwide, whether or not they are members of the Club.

The talks are the intellectual property of the speakers and access to them by Club members and other retirees is for private viewing only. The talks must not be recorded, re-broadcast or otherwise shared in whole or in part with any third party.

Lectures start at 1.30pm.

For further information about the talks, please contact sfc@rcpe.ac.uk or 0131 247 3652.