CG Mountford, AD Dwarakanath



This symposium provided an update on recent advances in medicine relevant to the general physician. The opening session on respiratory medicine session focused on lung cancer and lung transplantation. Everyday practical issues of dealing with abnormal liver function tests were considered in session two as well as the challenges in improving end-of-life care. Clinically orientated presentations in the third session covered case-based discussions on severe metabolic acidosis and the management of Parkinson’s disease. The final session on gastroenterology included an update on Clostridium difficile and an overview of risk assessment for upper gastrointestinal bleeding and the use of risk assessments as a tool in clinical practice to avoid unnecessary hospital admission.

Keywords Abnormal liver function tests, Clostridium difficile, end-of-life care, lung cancer, lung transplantation, metabolic acidosis, Parkinson’s disease, upper gastrointestinal bleeding

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