Electronic cigarettes: a brief update


More people are using electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and fewer people are smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. A wide variety of e-cigarettes are available and there is emerging evidence that they may help with smoking cessation. This evidence-based clinical review summarises the latest evidence regarding use of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids. The ongoing debate surrounding the safety and regulation of e-cigarettes is also discussed.

Health behaviour change: do we know what works and is this being implemented in Scotland?

In Scotland in recent years smoking, poor diet and excess alcohol have caused major public health problems. Knowledge of what is effective in the field of health behaviour change is therefore essential in achieving improvements in health. This symposium was convened with the purpose of ensuring that public health policy is informed by the best available evidence on effective interventions. As behaviour is complex, achieving change can be difficult and it is essential that interventions are properly planned, implemented and evaluated.