Professor Hugh MacLean: one of the first British military research nephrologists and the pioneer of the first United Kingdom veterans’ renal clinic

Few people have been as successful in bringing together basic research, clinical science, and a contribution to military medicine as Professor Hugh MacLean. However, today he is almost forgotten. During World War 1, practicing within the realms of the new field of renal medicine, with minimal resources and in a military hospital, he conducted one of the first large-scale Medical Research Committee investigations into war nephritis involving 60,000 subjects.

Novel combined management approaches to patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease

Most patients we care for today suffer from more than one chronic disease, and multimorbidity is a rapidly growing challenge. Concomitant cardiovascular disease, renal dysfunction and diabetes represent a large proportion of all patients in cardiology, nephrology and diabetology. These entities commonly overlap due to their negative effects on vascular function and an accelerated atherosclerosis progression. At the same time, a progressive subspecialisation has caused the cardiologist to treat ‘only’ the heart, nephrologists ‘only’ the kidneys and endocrinologists’ ‘only’ diabetes.