The prevalence and impact of psychiatric comorbidity in inpatients admitted to a district general hospital in England: a 1-week cross-sectional study

Background Mental health problems are amongst the most frequent health problems throughout life and they interfere deeply with physical wellbeing. This study investigated the prevalence and impact of psychiatric comorbidities in a general hospital in the National Health Service.

Methods A single-centre cross-sectional study of all inpatients during a 1-week period.

Alcohol-related illness in the hospital

Alcohol-related illness is a major problem in Scotland. Currently, its treatment in hospital is under-resourced, and patients are scattered around different departments. This review examines how Scotland’s health service can be adapted and redesigned to improve care for patients with alcohol-related illnesses and minimise the disruption they cause in hospitals.

Keywords Alcohol, liaison psychiatry, redesign, resources, Scotland

Declaration of Interests No conflict of interests declared.

Depression in physical illness

Depressive illnesses are common in the general population and are significantly more common in those with physical illnesses. The symptoms of depression may go unrecognised in medical patients, with consequent underdiagnosis and under-treatment. Co-morbid depression is associated with increased morbidity, poorer function, increased healthcare costs and increased mortality. Depressive illnesses are amenable to treatment by both pharmacological and psychological means.