Use of a short trainee questionnaire to support international UK equivalent core medical training

Introduction The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK provides UK equivalent Core Medical Training (CMT), now Internal Medicine Training (IMT), with six partners internationally. The objective of this study was to support the quality management and accreditation of those programmes.

Use of an accreditation process to embed UK-equivalent Core Medical Training in an international context


Background The Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) on behalf of the Federation of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians started a process of implementing UK-equivalent Core Medical Training internationally in 2014. An accreditation process was developed to ensure that training standards were at least equivalent to the current position in the UK and that a developmental process was embedded to ensure long-term program viability.

Being the ‘med reg’: an exploration of junior doctors’ perceptions of the medical registrar role

The role of the medical registrar is challenging and acknowledged as being a disincentive to a career in medicine for some junior doctors. We set out to build a broader understanding of the role through exploration of Foundation Doctors’ and Core Medical Trainees’ perceptions of the role. Data, gathered from focus groups, were analysed using a framework approach. Six key themes were identified, which were grouped under the headings ‘perceptions of the medical registrar role’ and ‘transition into the role’.