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George MacCallum (who can also be found recorded as Maccallum or McCallum) was active as a sculptor in Edinburgh. He was buried in Dalry Cemetery and his portrait, by an unknown artist, can be found in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

MacCallum played an important role in the redecoration of the Great Hall which was carried out under the direction of the architect David Bryce in the period c.1865-1866. MacCallum’s connection to Bryce appears to have extended beyond the RCPE commission as MacCallum sculpted four portrait busts of the architect. At the RCPE MacCallum sculpted works for the hall, and there are a number of receipts in the College’s archive which record the payments made to him as he completed various stages of work. A receipt in the College's archive dating from May 1867 records that MacCallum was paid £408.00 for the female figures and £60 for the profiles in the hall. However, it is not possible to conclusively state that MacCallum was responsible for sculpting these pieces, particularly in a period when the sale of plaster casts of classical sculptures was popular, with companies such as D. Brucciani & Co. manufacturing these in considerable quantities.

However, it is clear that at least on one occasion MacCallum was enlisted to purchase, rather than sculpt, works for the College. A receipt dating from March 1867 records that MacCallum had travelled to London to procure the busts of  'antient physicians' on behalf of the College. It is unclear whether either Bryce or the College gave MacCallum any specific instructions regarding the busts which he was sent to find, however it is possible that they gave him the freedom to choose the pieces, relying on his artistic taste and the knowledge of sculpture which he had developed in his career.

Receipt from George MacCallum to the College (March 7, 1867) acknowledging the receipt of payment for expenses incurred procuring busts for the RCPE from London.