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John Hutchison (c.1832 - 1910), who can sometimes be found recorded as Hutchinson, was an Edinburgh-born sculptor who began his career as an apprentice wood carver. By 1848 he was studying at the Trustees Academy and the following year he spent time studying in Rome. Hutchison worked in wood, bronze and marble, usually creating portrait figures, busts and statues.

Amongst his works are three figures which appear on the Scott Monument (Baron Bradwardine, The Glee Maiden and Flora MacIvor) as well as the huge statue of John Knox which resides in the New College of the University of Edinburgh.

Within the collection of the RCPE Hutchison was responsible for the busts of Sir John Batty Tuke and the Roman Lady. Whilst Tuke is depicted in contemporary style, the Roman Lady represents Hutchison's recurring interest in depicting classical female figures.