This classicised marble bust was created by George MacCallum. The College's council minutes of 11 March 1868 indicate that this bust attracted their attention when it was ‘exhibited in the Royal Academy’. The council suggested that the College should purchase the bust and on 5 May of the same year the College decided to follow the recommendation to acquire the bust and ‘to complete a purchase thereof for a sum not exceeding £100 with the view of having the same placed in the College Hall’.

John Graham MacDonald Burt (? – 1868)

Having studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Burt spent time travelling on the Continent and during this period he received his MD from the University of Giessen in 1826.

Burt was mostly interested in his private practice; however he was also consulting physician to the North British Insurance Company as well as Surgeon in Scotland to King William IV. His most famous work was Illustrations on Surgical anatomy (1831).

Burt was president of the RCPE 1863 – 1865. During Burt’s presidency the College experienced considerable division relating to the Medical Act of that period. Aside from this he was involved in the erection and adornment of the New Hall. Aside from his position in the RCPE Burt was also a member of the Royal Company of Archers and the High Constables of Edinburgh.