Dear examiners

Thank you for completing the survey for the October and November exams! We'd be grateful if you could:

  • tick any dates you are available and indicate how many days you would like to examine
  • use the Comments box to let us know preference for centre or other issues
  • give details if you have offered dates to London or Glasgow so that we don't double book you

Please note that:

  • All Edinburgh's exams are 2 cycles, EXCEPT Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading on Sat 2 November which is 3 cycles.
  • The survey is not first come, first served - we look at all the offers once the survey is closed. We try very hard to give everyone what they ask for, but sometimes it’s not possible with very popular centres.
  • If you are very keen on specific centres / dates, or missed out on your favourite centre last time, please use the Comments box to let us know!
  • Please only offer dates if you know you can examine. It is really hard to get examiners at short notice if some else has to pull out.
  • We have again included questions from MRCP(UK) Central Office regarding examiner criteria - they shouldn't take long to answer. All examiners MUST answer these.
  • Examiners must be compliant when examining - please check the criteria. If you haven't examined within the last two years, please get in touch and we will organise refresher training.
  • Please read the College’s privacy statement on examiners (Privacy notice) which explains how we use data that we store about you. Data submitted in this survey will be stored and used. We will share your data for the purposes of organising PACES, e.g. with RCPSG, RCPL, MRCP Central Office and hosts/admin teams at exam centres, but will not share with third parties.

The survey is open until 11pm on Mon 22nd July. If you offer any dates, please pencil them in your diary. We aim to send out confirmations around the start of August.

Thank you!