Responding to the winter pressures facing the NHS, Professor Derek Bell OBE, Chair of the Scottish Academy, said:

“The Scottish Academy recognises the current challenges faced across the NHS in Scotland - and more widely across the UK – this winter and would like to thank all those working in the NHS delivering the best possible care during these difficult times.

“Unfortunately many of these challenges are becoming evident throughout the year irrespective of illness severity or weather. Some hospitals are able to manage patient flow better than others, and focus should be on improving care to allow greater patient flow through the hospital and either back into the community, or to the correct inpatient bed, at the right time, cared for by the appropriate person.

“A whole-system approach to tackling this is required along with the consistent use of data to ensure that hospitals can manage their priorities and continue to deliver safe patient care.”

  1. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland - known as the "Scottish Academy" - contributes to improvements in the health of the people of Scotland by the promotion and co-ordination of the work of the Medical Royal College and Faculties and giving the medical professions a collective voice on clinical and professional issues.

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