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Three editorials in this issue should interest physicians, worldwide. First, our President and Vice Presidents map out the requirements for the NHS to restore quality healthcare and maintain patient dignity. Then, Alan Bittles applies unique knowledge of the global impact of genetic disorders to considering how this impinges on healthcare provision. Lastly, Alan Rushton lists which criteria should be used when hypothesising new genetic diagnoses of famous (or not so famous) historical characters.The Clinical section includes topics which affect quality of NHS provision – end-of-life care, viewed from the trainee doctor’s viewpoint, and improvement of medical record documentation. We have a paper on biofeedback and hypnotherapy in intractable irritable bowel syndrome, and lastly S Johnson clarifies a new sub-classification of the genetics of breast tumours.The Education section has much information from symposia, including one on the confused patient, a topic doctors often find difficult. Our History section has a useful review of the role of fruit fly research in adding to medical understanding during the past century. This is followed by two biographies of physicians in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.Please give us feedback on the areas and papers that you find of greatest value.Sandy Raeburn, Editor



M Farzandipour, Z Meidani, F Rangraz Jeddi, H Gilasi, L Shokrizadeh Arani, E Fakharian, B Saddik

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Feehally J, Gilmore I, Barasi S, Bosomworth M, Christie B, Davies A, Dhesi J, Dowdle R, Gibbins C, Gonzalez I, Harding S, Lamont D, Murphy G, Ostermann M, Parr J, Stevens PE

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History & Medical Humanities