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N Thalayasingam
Journal Issue: 
Volume 39: Issue 4: 2009




Genetics  is  a  developing  field  that  increasingly  influences  medical practice in a large number of specialties. This symposium highlighted how current research is providing insights into the genetic causes of disease, leading to a deeper understanding  of  the  pathophysiology  and  identification  of  potential  novel treatment  strategies. We  were  provided  with  an  overview  of  developments  in monogenic  conditions  such  as  Marfan’s  syndrome  and  Duchenne  muscular dystrophy  and  complex  traits  such  as  atopic  dermatitis.  The  practicalities  of providing   genetic   testing   for   more   common   conditions   such   as   familial hypercholesterolaemia  were  discussed,  highlighting  the  more  prominent  role clinical genetics may come to play in mainstream medicine.