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RM Reynolds, DJ Webb
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 2: 2006




It  is  agreed  that  all  patients  with  insulin-treated  diabetes  should regularly  self-monitor  their  blood  glucose  to  guide  insulin  doses  and  detect  and avoid hypoglycaemia, but there remains little consensus as to the value of SBGM in  patients  with  type  2  diabetes  treated  with  diet  and/or  tablets. This  Royal College  of  Physicians  of  Edinburgh  mini-symposium  brought  together  a  panel  of experts to examine the current evidence surrounding SBGM in this context. The aim  of  this  document  is  to  provide  an  overview  of  the  points  raised  and  where consensus was achieved. The document summarises the general situations where SBGM may or may not be useful, and it is hoped that this will be a platform for production  of  specific  guidelines  for  healthcare  professionals  to  use  to  advise  a monitoring programme for an individual patient. These recommendations include results of evidence published since November 2004.