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RAP Burt
Journal Issue: 
Volume 38: Issue 1: 2008




Recent articles in the lay and medical press have again drawn attention to  the  preponderance  of  medication  errors  made  by  inexperienced,  newly qualified  physicians. With  medical  training  currently  undergoing  transformation, perhaps there remains an opportunity to adapt some of the drills used in aviation training, which  concentrate  on  the  provision  of  safety  above  all. Aviation  and medicine  share  many  characteristics,  and  the  concept  of  crew  resource management, created  to  understand  and  minimise  errors  in  aviation, has  already been  adapted  and  transferred  to  some  of  those  areas  of  medical  practice  that involve  teamwork  across  different  disciplines. This  paper  describes  some  of  the drills used in early aviation training and discusses how these might be adapted and applied towards the reduction of medication errors by newly qualified doctors.