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A Drake
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 2: 2006




There is increasing public awareness of the rising incidence of obesity in childhood and adolescence, and its consequences for long-term health – type 2 diabetes,  cardiovascular  disease  and  cancer.  This  year’s  symposium  meeting focused on epidemiology, management and mechanisms of obesity. The trends in obesity  in  children  and  adolescence, at  both  a  global  and  national  level  were reviewed. The  UK  House  of  Commons  Select  Committee’s  report  on  obesity suggests  that  obesity  ‘will  soon  surpass  smoking  as  the  greatest  cause  of premature loss of life’. If we can understand the cause we can potentially make an impact  on  future  healthcare.   The  review  covered  primary  prevention,  early intervention  and  management  of  the  significantly  obese. People  want  to understand why they are overweight and what impact obesity will have on their health.  Rare  monogenic  causes  of  severe  obesity  give  insight  into  central mechanisms  underlying  weight  control. Hormones  are  intrinsically  linked  with obesity, but  do  not  provide  the  easy  solution  hoped  for  by  many.  A  discussion around three case studies concluded the symposium.