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MM Steven, D Finlayson
Journal Issue: 
Volume 35: Issue 3: 2005




Osteoarthritis  is  the  most  common  arthropathy  worldwide  and  the clinical and radiological prevalence increase with age.  The aetiology is uncertain, but genetic and environmental factors are recognised.  Symptoms predominantly occur in the spine, hips, knees, hands and feet, in isolation or combination, and may be  relapsing  – remitting  or  progressive.   The  signs  may  mimic  inflammatory arthropathies  or  non-articular  rheumatism,  but  clinical  signs  and  appropriate investigations  are  discriminatory.  Management  is  multi-modal  with  emphasis  on diet, physiotherapy, and  occupational  therapy.  Simple  analgesics  and  occasionally systemic  or  topical  anti-inflammatories  are  symptom-relieving, but  unremitting pain  and  increasing  disability  from  the  hips  or  knees  are  indications  for arthroplasty in suitable patients.