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ASM Jawad, IT Saeed
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Volume 37: Issue 2: 2007




A  26-year-old  white  man  presented  with  a  several-year  history  of inability  to  run, a  slowly  enlarging  lump  on  the  left  olecranon, and  increasing stiffness  at  the  back  of  both  ankles.   Physical  examination  showed  a  firm, non-tender, freely  mobile  mass  on  the  left  olecranon.   Each  Achilles  tendon  was surrounded by a firm oblong subcutaneous mass extending to the mid calf. X-rays of  the  left  elbow  showed  a  lobulated  calcified  mass  over  the  olecranon; each Achilles tendon was surrounded by a large, lobulated calcified mass overlying and encasing  the  tendon.  The  calcified  deposits  were  surgically  removed  from  the elbow and each Achilles tendon was surgically debulked. The histology was typical of tumoral calcinosis.  Primary tumoral calcinosis is an unusual benign condition characterised  by  the  presence  of  slow-growing  calcified  periarticular  soft  tissue masses composed of calcium salts and usually located around the large joints. The exact cause is unknown.