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NA Mir, V Connell-Mir
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Volume 38: Issue 1: 2008




Lieutenant Robert Thorpe, a soldier in the British Army in India, visited Kashmir  and  witnessed  the  suffering  and  sorrows  of  the  people  there  in  the nineteenth  century; his  appeal  to  British  soldiers  raised  enough  funds  for  the Church  Missionary  Society  to  send  medical  missionaries  to  the  Kashmir  Valley. Thus  began  a  process  that  would  see  the  opening  of  a  150-bed  British  Mission Hospital  in  Srinagar  and  the  start  of  a  new  wave  of  educational  and  healthcare reforms  in  the  region. As  the  medical  missionary  work  progressed  so  did  the avenues of research, which led to pioneering work on skin cancer.The missionary doctors  and  nurses  made  a  significant  difference  to  the  lives  of  the  people  of Kashmir and their pioneering work continues to live on.