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JV Howard
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Volume 35: Issue 2: 2005




Dr John Hutton, a graduate of the Universities of Edinburgh and Padua, became  the  first  Treasurer  of  the  Royal  College  of  Physicians  of  Edinburgh (1681–82), and Court Physician to King William III and Queen Mary (1688–1702). Later he was involved as a secret agent at the Court of Hanover, and was also MP for Dumfries Burghs (1710–12).  He died in London, in November 1712, bequesting to  the  Presbytery  of  Dumfries  a  library  of  1,500  volumes, including  many  medical books, much of which survives in New College Library, Edinburgh.  An educational trust, established by Hutton for his native parish of Caerlaverock, continued till 1935.