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P de Vos Meiring
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Volume 37: Issue 3: 2007




In  the  late  nineteenth  and  early  twentieth  centuries, Edinburgh  was among the most popular of all destinations for South Africans seeking a medical education. Scotland was thus the fountainhead of much of the knowledge and skill that subsequently led to the development of a high standard of medical education in South Africa. This article describes how four members of a South African family received  their  medical  education  at  the  University  and  Royal  Colleges  of Physicians  and  Surgeons  of  Edinburgh  and  a  fifth  family  member  obtained  the Membership  of  the  Royal  College  of  Physicians  and  was  later  elected  to Fellowship. This is the story of a relationship spanning three generations between a family in which medicine had almost become a hereditary trait and the best of Scottish medical education