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C Harry, E Weir, R Grattan, C Skeoch, P Evans
Journal Issue: 
Volume 47: Issue 2: 2017




Objectives MRCPCH is an essential qualification that all paediatric trainees in the UK must obtain to progress with their specialty training. In August 2009 a structured clinical teaching programme was initiated in the West of Scotland deanery to provide teaching in the clinical examination curriculum, the structure and examination standards.

Design The training programme runs three times a year, commencing two months prior to each exam. Trainees are sent questionnaires to enable improvement of the programme.

Results A total of 127 trainees have participated in the programme over five years (August 2009–2014). Trainees report strengths of the programme include communication teaching (n = 14) and general teaching (n = 11). Challenges encountered include difficulties attending teaching sessions due to clinical commitments (n = 5).

Conclusions Future development will focus on creating a robust system enabling this programme to continue and establishment of a key group of paediatric consultants, who can provide consistent teaching reflecting the realities of the examination.