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D Doyle
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Volume 36: Issue 4: 2006




This, the second in a three-paper series with this title, looks at famous doctors  who  trained  in  Edinburgh  and  their  eponyms.   With  one  possible exception, none seems to have sought the eponym, nor awarded it to themselves, nor used it for self-promotion.  Unlike those in the first paper, all eponyms in this paper  are  still  in  use  and  their  brevity  is  in  contrast  to  the  lengthy  description needed  if  the  eponym  is  not  used.   Examples  are  Cheyne–Stokes  respiration, Stokes–Adam  attacks,  Brucellosis  and  Gamgee  dressing.   Monro  Secundus  is included  because  of  his  vehement  defence  of  his  professional  reputation  and research findings when he suspected others of trying to detract credit from him, a characteristic seldom reported for the others.