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R Aylward
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 4: 2006




Epilepsy is common and has a variety of causes. This article discusses the aetiology of the epilepsies, particularly the genetic causes, and provides up-to-date  information  on  how  the  condition  should  be  diagnosed,  classified,  and treated.  Some guidance is provided about tailoring the choice of drug treatment according to classification, and the best approach to treatment during pregnancy. Recent  data  from  the  UK  Epilepsy  and  Pregnancy  register  are  included.   The management  of  patients  with  particularly  severe  and  intractable  epilepsies  is discussed as well as the latest guidelines on the management of status epilepticus. The  approach  to  treatment  has  to  be  modified  for  certain  groups  of  patients, including  teenagers  and  those  with  learning  difficulties.  A  good  service  can  be provided only if structures are in place to ensure that all patients have rapid and responsive access to advice and information.