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PA Wright, S Ahmed, RP Cole, JC Moore, SL Royston, DC Widdowson
Journal Issue: 
Volume 37: Issue 4: 2007




Medical lasers and IPL systems are currently used for a wide variety of cutaneous  applications, such  as  the  treatment  of  vascular  lesions, unwanted  hair, tattoos,  scars,  melanocytic  and  other  skin  lesions. Accordingly,  with  the emergence  of  numerous  new  facilities  from  the  hospital  to  the  high  street, it  is important  that  healthcare  professionals  and  patients  should  have  appropriate awareness of treatments with these modalities. The aim of this review is to discuss the  efficacy  of  commonly  used  skin  lasers  and  IPL  systems  together  with  the indications for their use in treatment.