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GJ Padfield, JJV McMurray
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 2: 2006




European  and  American  guidelines  were  published  in  2005  that comprehensively  summarised  the  evidence  supporting  currently  recommended diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in HF. The need for these updates reflects the  continuing  progress  in  the  management  of  this  condition.  In  this  article  we briefly  overview  the  current  evidence-based  treatment  of  HF.   We  focus  on patients  with  reduced  left  ventricular  systolic  function,  as  there  is  no  firmly evidence-based  treatment  for  HF  with  preserved  systolic  function. Our  review discusses treatments shown to favourably modify the natural history of HF when added  to  diuretic  treatment.   Diuretics  should  be  used, as  needed, to  prevent sodium and water retention that can lead to peripheral and pulmonary oedema. Although  diuretic  treatment  is  empirical  rather  than  evidence-based, it  is  widely agreed that the minimum dose needed to maintain ‘dry weight’ should be used.