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C Sartori, U Scherrer
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 2: 2006




High  altitude  constitutes  an  exciting  natural  laboratory  for  medical research. Over the past decade, the scope of high altitude research has broadened considerably, since it has become clear that the results of this research may have important implications, not only for the understanding of diseases in the millions of  people  living  permanently  at  high  altitude,  but  also  for  the  treatment  of hypoxemia-related  disease  states  in  patients  living  at  low  altitude.   Studies  in subgroups of subjects who do not adapt well to high altitude have greatly advanced our knowledge regarding underlying mechanisms predisposing to these diseases. High  altitude  pulmonary  oedema  is  the  best  studied  example  of  such  a maladaptation.  Here we will review recent work of our group that has provided novel insight in the pathogenesis of HAPE.