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RS Hoffman
Journal Issue: 
Volume 40: Issue 2: 2010




Despite  extensive  educational  and  preventive  efforts,  fatality  from poisoning  is  a  growing  public  health  concern. While  strategies  to  reduce  fatal unintentional poisoning in children have been largely successful, growing numbers of deaths from suicidality and substance abuse present unique challenges to the public  health  system. This  paper  explores  three  areas  where  new  approaches hope to mitigate major causes of poison-related fatality. Included in this discussion are  bystander  naloxone  for  opioid  overdose,  a  reconsideration  of  the  optimal dose  of  N-acetylcysteine  therapy  and  intravenous  fat  emulsion  (lipid  rescue) therapy  for  cardiovascular  toxins.These  innovative  approaches  are  designed  to challenge dogma and provide a stimulus for individualised clinical care.