Health Protection Scotland and NHS National Services Scotland have published updated guidance outlining the infection prevention and control advice for healthcare workers who may be involved in receiving, assessing and caring for patients, within acute healthcare settings, who are a possible or confirmed case of Covid-19. If a contact of a confirmed case develops a respiratory illness and is hospitalised, then this guidance should be followed until results of testing are available.   

In the absence of effective drugs or a vaccine, control of Covid-19 relies on prompt identification and appropriate risk assessment management and isolation of cases, (including isolation of possible, or confirmed cases) and the investigation and follow up of their close contacts to minimise potential onward transmission. In preparation, acute healthcare facilities that may receive and care for possible/confirmed cases should ensure that staff are: 

  • Familiar with the Scottish Patient Care Pathways for Confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Familiar with all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required including, provision of adequate supplies, where stored and how it should be used1
  • Aware of what actions to take if a case presents
  • Aware of where a case will be isolated and the need for a negative pressure isolation room, if available
  • Familiar with FFP3 respirator use and that fit testing and checking has been undertaken before using this equipment
  • Aware of how to access any national/local record sheets

The full publication can be found below, in the "further information" section.