The College has issued the following statement in relation to the ongoing situation in Myanmar:

“The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh has deep connections with the medical community in Myanmar. For example, we have worked with colleagues in MRCP(UK) to support the delivery of training courses for young physicians, continuing Medical Education events both in person and remotely, training in quality improvement, and support to the different specialist societies in Myanmar.

The MRCP(UK) postgraduate diploma, jointly administered by us and our colleagues in London and Glasgow, has been an important link for physicians in Myanmar for many years. MRCP(UK) regularly hosts exams in Yangon and Mandalay, where local candidates have been examined enthusiastically by many of the College’s own Fellows.

"We endeavour to continue our close ties with the medical community in Myanmar, and we are in regular contact with MRCP(UK) colleagues to ascertain how the current political situation affects our work in the country.

"Furthermore, we are eager that medical professionals can continue to safely and freely administer treatment to the people of Myanmar, as access to healthcare is a fundamental human right.”