Employers will need to support doctors to achieve revalidation, ensuring that every doctor has the opportunity to take part in annual appraisal and that organisational systems enable easy access to the clinical governance information that doctors require for their supporting information. This includes information about formal complaints and incident reports.

In Scotland, the Scottish Government has provided NHS Boards with A Guide to Appraisal for the Revalidation of NHS Career Grade Doctors which outlines guidance and forms to be implemented in each NHS Board.

In England, both the GMC and NHS Employers have advised NHS organisations to ensure that they have arrangements in place for the access, storage and transfer of information between individuals, organisations and external bodies. These arrangements will need to operate over extended periods of time and be resilient to any NHS structural changes. Organisations are assessed on their readiness for revalidation, including the readiness to provide the information required for appraisal and revalidation. You should speak to your appraiser and Responsible Officer about any local systems or electronic tools that might be available to you.