This article reflects the conversations in the breakout group on this topic at the Recently Appointed Consultants symposium on Thursday 5 June 2014.


It is important when offering educational supervision and trainee assessment to know how to raise concerns and with whom, in order to obtain support with struggling trainees. Therefore it is important to know the management structure within your workplace. Recording a trainee’s activities over a long period of time can support struggling trainees when looking for help.

When negotiating job plan time for education or clinical supervision it may be important to agree upon clear objectives within each classification.


Educational Supervisors | About the Scotland Deanery (
Educational Supervisor Handbook v2.0_draft.pdf ( (CMT has now become now IMT but the information in Dr Dawson's handout is still relevant)

Breakout group leader: Dr Lesley Dawson, Consultant Oncologist, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

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