Further Information: 

Having studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, I am keen to continue developing my medical qualifications in collaboration with such first class institutions as the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh.

Two qualities of successful physicians are in-depth knowledge of clinical medicine, and the ability to communicate effectively and teach others. The MSc will allow me to increase my clinical knowledge and skills, in addition to furthering my experience in teaching and communication.

The MSc will not only enable me to be a more skilled physician, but will support the work I currently undertake for a research group. In addition to this, the knowledge gained will provide me with excellent preparation for meeting the exceptional standards required for success in the Royal College of Physicians Membership exams.

As a previous University of Edinburgh student, I am keen to undertake further training at the University. The format of the MSc, with online discussion boards, for example, will allow me to interact and learn from other students on their healthcare systems. Overall, the MSc provides an excellent opportunity to further my knowledge, skills and experience to allow me to be the best physician I can and make as positive an impact as I can on the patients I serve.