Further Information: 

I am a Canadian who went to the UK after high school to embark on a 6-year medicine program. I completed the first three years of medical school at University of St. Andrews, where I obtained a BMedSci with First Class Honours, and the last three years at University of Edinburgh, where I graduated with a MBChB.

For the past six years of my medical education, I have invested my interests in internal medicine through research work, clinical electives, medical publishing, and medical teaching. From the first day of medical school where I was given a case study on Pancoast’s tumour, till today, where I am authoring an USMLE exam question on Wilson’s disease, my passion towards internal medicine has only multiplied.

As a young doctor at the ‘starting line’ of my medical career, this Masters in Internal Medicine will definitely add another layer to my knowledge pyramid and empower me to take confident strides. This MSc is ideal for someone like myself, who adores lifelong learning. This degree will certainly provide me with an advantageous edge during my postgraduate training in North America, increase my ability to provide better care for patients, and assist me in gaining a desired subspecialty fellowship in the future. I aspire to train in internal medicine and complete a combined subspecialty fellowship program in pulmonology and critical care medicine. I hope to continue my interests in medical research and medical teaching in parallel to my postgraduate medical training.

As a previous degree holder from the University of Edinburgh, I definitely find it rewarding to continue my ties with the University that always delivers first-class education, especially with this Masters in Internal Medicine, which has the additional honour of being affiliated with the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.