Developing anĀ App

This article reflects the conversations in the breakout group on this topic at the Recently Appointed Consultants symposium on Monday 22 February 2016. Last reviewed July 2021.


Developing an app can seem like a daunting prospect. However, having the right information and understanding how to create and use medical apps appropriately, will help your own app become better.

All medical apps must follow the permissions and regulations of organisations such as MHRA (UK). Apps must also fit into a specific category of MDD (Medical Device Directive) and you must look to these first to see if there would be any issues with the app you are trying to create.

To develop a new app you must have good team working on the project and therefore a bigger support network. Linking with partner organisations can also be an option to strengthen the app visibility and distribution, as well as providing additional support for creating the app itself. The app must also be tested rigorously as it is important to prevent any problems, bugs and errors from happening when it is distributed to the public.


Breakout Group Leader: Professor Kevin Rooney, Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley