This earthenware statuette was, according to the inscription seen on the side, ‘Manufactured by the Torquay Terra Cotta Co.’. The Torquay Terracotta Company was founded in 1875 to produce high quality decorative pottery, including moulded figures and busts in terracotta.

This piece represents a copy of an 1886 work by C.B. Birch who was a Brixton-born sculptor who attained success, particularly in his later career. His portraiture was particularly popular and amongst the distinguished persons he depicted were W.E. Gladstone and, on two occasions, Queen Victoria.

In this piece Harvey is depicted contemplating a heart which he holds in his left hand. The heart could potentially have been taken from the deer which lies behind his feet, and indeed King Charles I provided Harvey with deer to dissect whilst he worked on De motu cordis.

Harvey appears in a roundel portrait in the Great Hall and the College also possesses two plaster busts of Harvey.