Previous projects

Standard Prescribing and Recording Chart for Scotland (SPARS) 

This project to design, publish and implement a standard prescribing chart for Scotland looked to reduce the level of prescribing errors made by hospital doctors, particularly those changing jobs who are unfamiliar with local documentation.

Testing of a draft chart took place in 2014 in three Health Board areas which proved useful in establishing the functionality of the chart in a clinical environment. The chart was refined using feedback from the testing sites.

The project was led by Professor Simon Maxwell, supported by a multi-disciplinary working group.

For further information on the SPARS project, please visit the SPARS website or contact


Acute Kidney Injury App

The Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) App, developed by NHS Kidney Care and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, provides a fast and simple way to explore the latest national guidelines on the diagnosis, prevention and management of AKI.

Offering interactive exploration of the classification, diagnosis, and management of AKI and its complications, illustrative case studies, and a medical calculator, the AKI App is a free and practical application available on the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, and Android mobile devices.

The clinical lead for this project was Dr Ben Bray, supported by a multi-disciplinary working group.

Key features

  • Medical calculator to illustrate the staging and classification of AKI
  • Succinct and up-to-date guidelines on the prevention and management of AKI
  • Interactive case studies
  • Further resources of national and international guidelines on AKI
  • Currently available for free on iPad, iPhone and Android tablets

Where can I download the app?

You can find the AKI App on App Store (iPad & iPhone users) and on Google play (Android tablet and Android mobile users):

Apple App Store       Google Play

The AKI App content is also available to download as a PDF.