The following rates will be applicable for the 2019 Subscription year (1 October 2019 – 30 September 2020).

UK Fellowship

Non-physician £283
Retired £80
Lifetime Fellowship* £799

* Lifetime Fellowship is available to existing Fellows of 10 years’ standing at time of retiral, and who retire completely from remunerative practice for a one-off payment.

Associate and Collegiate Membership

Status Resident in UK
Joining Year (pro-rata) £
  Those joining 1 October – 31 March £60
  Those joining 1 April – 30 September £30
Note: Applicants joining from 1st to 30th September may pay £60 to be enrolled immediately for the year 2019-20 (up to a month free of charge).
In subsequent years  
  Reduced Rate Year £112
  Standard Rate £137
Retired £35


  • ​Associate/Collegiate subscriptions are payable in advance on joining the College and at the annual subscription renewal date of 1st October
  • Associate or Collegiate members who are enrolled with JRCPTB and have chosen to pay their training registration fees as part of their annual College subscription should add £169 to the applicable subscription rate
  • Please note that reduced rates available during ‘Joining’ and ‘Reduced Rate’ years are normally applicable to new Associate or Collegiate member only and are not available to re-joiners or those converting from Associate Membership