RCPE Manchester is a partnership between the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and Health Innovation Manchester (HinM).

Our first two years 

Since our set up in 2017, we have aimed to progress innovation and understanding in medicine and to develop an education and research partnership.

Over this time, opportunities for sharing of knowledge and expertise between the two organisations have included educational events including our Medical Research and Living Beyond Cancer symposia.

The MRCP(UK) Diploma Ceremony was held in Manchester for the first time in April 2019 and the College intends to hold both another diploma ceremony and Council meeting in Manchester during 2020.

Our future direction

Over the next five years we will be focussing on innovation, learning and engagement, and we aim to:

  • Contribute to innovation by engaging with Fellows and Members to provide specialty clinical input to current and pipeline projects to improve development, dissemination and impact
  • Establish a Quality Hub which will support sustainable innovation and improvement
  • Provide enhanced opportunities for both online and delivered clinical and non-clinical learning and CPD activities that aligns with the College's Education Strategy
  • Strengthen the clinical academic infrastructure through the Education City and engagement with Northern Alliance universities
  • Strengthen the voice of Fellows and Members through increased regional engagement and policy impact at a UK level
  • Through respective networks, engage in areas of local expertise and strength including digital initiatives and BRC domains to increase awareness, profile and impact of both organisations
  • Engage across professional boundaries to support multi-professional capacity building in a devolved and integrated environment