Responding to Professor Sir Michael Marmot’s comments today on life expectancy and health inequalities in the UK, Professor Derek Bell, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, said:

“This is a worrying assessment from Prof Sir Michael Marmot on the state of the nation’s health, with a slowdown to improvements in life expectancy in the UK and an increase in health inequalities. We support his calls for the UK Government to treat these health problems with great urgency and undertake further research to ascertain the causes.  This research can be used to ensure that any initiatives to address the problems have strong evidence to support them and are thoroughly evaluated for outcome.

“We need to improve the circumstances which lead to poor health or social exclusion, and this College calls for action to improve the social and economic conditions in which people live with policies that address the social determinants of ill health.”


  1. Professor Sir Michael Marmot’s comments can be read in today’s edition of The Times.
  2. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh aims to improve the quality of patient care. It represents over 12,000 Fellows and Members worldwide, setting standards and influencing health policy. The College helps physicians and related specialties pursue their careers  through a world-renowned education and training programme.


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